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Organizational development is defined as the process in which the organization develops the capability and capacity of individual workers and managers most effectively and efficiently to provide mission work that can be sustained in the long-term. 

Chrysalis Development Solutions, P.L.L.C. combines behavioral science with a diverse background in management to offer organizational development services.  Supporting non-profits and businesses, the following services are provided:

Organizational Development Services Provided:

  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Talent Management/Employee Value Proposition
    • Work Environment
    • Career Development
    • Benefits
    • Compensation
    • Culture
  • Intervention Plan Development
  • Intervention Implementation Services

According to the Center for Disease Control and the American Psychological Association....

  • About 1 in 5 American adults will have a mental health condition in any given year.
  • Only 41% of American adults will receive services to address mental health issues.
  • About 10% of the American adult population will have a mood disorder such as depression or bipolar.
  • About 18% of American adults have an anxiety disorder including post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • 25% of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives.
  • 75% of employees believe the worker has more on-the-job stress than a generation ago.
  • Problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than any other life stressor-more so than even financial problems or family problems.

Workplace Emotional Wellness Services Provided:

  • Workplace Mental Wellness
  • Intervention Plan Development
  • Intervention Implementation Services

Industry/Professional Experience:

  • Change Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • K-12 Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Mental Health
  • Production Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Safety/Ergonomics

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